Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yogurt parfait

I have a new favourite breakfast. It's quick, and delicious, and can be changed up, mixed up, whatever way you like it!

AND it has a lot of protein in it, which keeps you full for hours! That is probably the best part, or maybe it's how tasty it is. Or, maybe how fast it is...I don't know. Everything about it is amazing!

And there is really no rhyme or reason to it, so you can make this parfait however you like. You could make it fancy, and dessert like if you wanted even.

But here is what I do.

I put some fruit in the bottom of a bowl. I like  blueberries! And strawberries! Any fruit will do though. Mine has been starting out frozen, so I thaw it out a little bit first.

Then, add a couple heaping spoonfuls of 0% fat greek yogurt (yes, greek yogurt, because that's where all the protein comes from!).

Finally, add a handful of your favourite granola.

Mix it all together, and enjoy! See, wasn't that easy?

Oh!! And sometimes I add a little squirt of honey, just for some extra sweetness.

If you want to make it a pretty little dessert, you could take a fancy glass, and do some layers. Berries, yogurt, berries, yogurt, and sprinkle granola on top. Or maybe you don't need granola on a dessert. Make sure the layers look nice in the glass! Good presentation, and yummy. Or use 0% Fat Vanilla greek yogurt for extra flavour. There are so many options. Play around with it, and make something delicious!

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