Monday, March 12, 2012

Dance Dance Revolution, anyone?

Have you ever played Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)? I think the original version may be an arcade version or something, but they have made it into a game for Playstation 3 as well. You plug these mats in that have all of the shape buttons on them, and then the arrows for your feet, and you can dance on one of 4 different levels until your feet fall off.

Or just until you lose, and then it is someone elses turn, like I did on Saturday night.

Enter fun family/friend night at my sisters house.

My brother, sister-in-law and 3 month old niece came to visit this past weekend, which was pretty spectacular, because I quite enjoy baby snuggles, and, well, of course seeing my brother and sister-in-law, too. ;) My sister and brother-in-law just bought the DDR game for a wicked $15, and we all agreed it would be fun to hang out and play that for the evening.

My sister's friend and her husband came over to play as well, and brought their mat, so we could have dance-offs with two people. My nephew was able to play a few rounds before bedtime, and I must say, that boy has some mooooooves. Pretty awesome.

Now, let me tell you this one thing. I suck at dancing. I have no coordination, no rhythm, and I lost, pretty much every single dance-off.

Now, let me tell you this other thing. I'm competitive. Very competitive, and it runs in the family (I don't want to hear any denial from the siblings, because you all know it's true!).

Ok, so if we put this being a very poor dancing thing, and this being very competitive thing together, you'd think it would equal a night of just being angry that I lost the whole time, right? Well, I must be getting older and more mature or something, because, shockingly, I wasn't! It was SO much fun! I didn't think I'd enjoy something I was so bad at, so much. It was hilarious, difficult, sweat-inducing fun. Everyone that was there, I think, had just as much fun as I did, and I can't wait to have another DDR party. Seriously the most fun I've had in a long time. I'm surprised the kids didn't wake up, as we weren't quiet even a little bit!

As it turns out, the way to do well is to listen to the beat of the music, and try to follow along with the steps that way. I don't know if I didn't want to listen to the beat, couldn't listen to the beat, or couldn't multi-task and listen to the beat while watching the screen, (probably a combination of all of the above, resulting in the reason I have no rhythm), but it just wasn't working for me. Let's just add in here for the sake of my brother, who I am SURE is thinking this while reading this post: I just suck. Plain and simple. Next time I'll try to turn down the suck, I promise.

My brother and sister rocked at DDR. I have to point that out, because of that competitive thing :P There were plenty of rounds that they continuously won, and the winner of each dance-off got to keep on playing. So yes, you two are awesome. Even if I tried to push my brother off the mat to mess him up, he still kicked my butt.

Hopefully there will be a Round 2 of DDR at some point in the future. If so, I'm totally in.

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