Thursday, March 29, 2012

Upcoming Easter Weekend Shenanigans

I am SO excited for Easter. I like turkey dinner, I like  love chocolate, and long weekends are awesome. Especially long weekends where I get to go home! Home is where my parents live, and where I grew up. A small town in BC, that you've probably never heard of. Two of my brothers also live in our around the same town, so that means I get to see them and their wonderful babies/kids too! Yay for nieces and a nephew! I'm taking an extra day off of work, and making Easter weekend a 4 day weekend, rather than just 3, because I have to drive six seven and a half hours to get home, and having only one day there makes for a lot of time spent in the car, and not enough time to visit, and do fun things LIKE BAKE WITH MY DAD.

Ok, so everytime I go home, I do my best to bake something. Usually I find something bread-like, since I'm not very good at it yet, and my dad is, so I get him to help/do it for me, and then I take it home. Haha! Sometimes my mom sister-in-law and I bake cupcakes too! Maybe we'll get to do some of that as well.

This Easter weekend though, we have so many things planned. And by so many I mean a few, but since I'm only there for two full days, it will probably take up a lot of time. First, both my parents want to see The Hunger Games, so we're going to go to the theatre to see it! I've seen it already, but I was really impressed, and so I'm looking forward to going again, especially with them! Family movie night! Maybe some of the other family members will come too. Who else is coming? Brother? Next, my dad and I are going to make bagels. Home made bagels are where its at. And my dad is like, the master. He made these bagels for my sister last time he came to town, and I stole one from the batch. Best. Bagel. Ever. Not even joking a little bit. So, we're going to make the same kind (cheddar and onion) as well as brown sugar maple pear. Doesn't that sound just absolutely amazing? I can't wait. After that, my dad and I are going to attempt to make turkey dinner while my mom directs. Usually she makes this big dinner, but this year I want to, and my dad will help, and she will tell us how to do things properly. Sounds like fun. :D Oh, and obviously I will have to make dessert for that dinner too. I haven't figured out what yet, but does anyone have any suggestions? I don't know if Pumpkin Pie is an easter type dessert, but not that. I don't really like pumpkin pie. Hopefully I get to make some cupcakes in there at some point too. We'll see how that goes!

You better believe that I will be posting recipes for most/all of the things we make that weekend.. Though the turkey dinner post may just be one big post, and not each separate dish.

OH, and! My dad is going to BBQ me stuff while I'm home, since I don't have a BBQ here, and I feel BBQ deprived. (Yes, I realize I just said BBQ three times in that one sentence). I am really very excited for that as well.

Overall, I think the weekend will be a blast. Too bad the rest of my siblings won't be able to make it. That would be fun, and a full-house! Fuller than the Full House TV show. Ha ha ha..Ok that was lame.

Now I'm going to go finish planning what else I'm going to do while I'm home, and bug my dad about what kind of stuff he's going to BBQ for me!

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