Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Great Butterscotch Pie Endeavor

So, remember how I told you that my grandma on my mom's side makes some pretty awesome butterscotch pie? Well, I tried my hand at it this past Christmas. It was a bit nerve-racking, as there is a chance it won't set, and then you have to eat your pie with a spoon. That's not how it's supposed to go! It's a tedious process, since you have to stand at the stove for.ever. Ok, so the first time I had to stand at the stove for over an hour, constantly stirring. The second time it only took me half an hour. But I'll get to that.
The pie crust wasn't anything extravagant. My dad helped me with this part, and it was just the recipe from the Crisco box. Apparently that makes it better than some other pie crust recipes. I don't know, I didn't really pay attention. Pastry isn't my thing. Might just be because everyone says it's hard, so I don't even really attempt it. 

All of the ingredients for the innards of the pie go into the double boiler. And you start stirring. Let's say it is about 7:08pm in this photo.

And you keep stirring. The time is now 7:42pm. I am tired of it. A few of my family members had, at this point, asked if they could give me a break, and do a bit of stirring for a while, but I said no! My pie! I'm making it. IT. MUST. WORK. Also, in the background, the best movie of all time, "The Sound of Music" is on TV. And I'm standing at the stove, stirring this stuff, singing, "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...". I'm in my own little world, and I just happen to look into the living room to try to see the TV (which I can't from where I'm standing), and I just see my dad watching me, snickering. Whatever. I'm a bad singer. Doesn't stop me from torturing every single person in my family though. I might think it's fun. :) It's what the youngest in the family does. And oh boy am I good at it!

Look! Now it's about 8:16pm, and by golly! I think it's ready to go. Only took an hour and 8 minutes (times may not be exact). I had both of my parents check it out, to tell me if they thought it had thickened up enough. We had to put a little bowl of it in the fridge, to see if it would set. It looked like it was going to, so I decided to put down the wooden spoon, and finish up quick so I could go finish watching the movie! It was a Christmas Eve special!

Luckily, while I was busy with the stirring of this lovely pie, I missed that terrible "Climb Every Mountain" song that is sung when Maria goes back to the nunnery place. Pretty sure I still sang it though...very obnoxiously. Into the crust goes my pie filling. All digits crossed, in hopes that it would set! All that was left was to make the meringue and stick that puppy in the oven for a little while longer. My mom, bless her heart, helped me with the meringue, since I had no luck cracking the stupid eggs and not getting any yolk into the egg whites. Did you know that meringue doesn't work if there is yolk in the whites? Boo. She's a pro though, so the meringue turned out perfectly.

Voila! The butterscotch pie is complete! And! A complete success too. Well. Mostly. It set! My meringue pulled off though, which is not cool. But it still tasted pretty good for the first time of me ever making that pie! I was super proud of myself. AND IT SET. Oh that was the most glorious thing ever! I was so afraid that it wouldn't. I would have been pretty disappointed. Then, it was gone the next day, and my dad requested that I make another one (mostly so he could eat the rest of the first).

I took the challenge.

And I succeeded. And I did a way better job than the first time. It took me 30 minutes to stir that pie filling to oblivion before it was ready to be put in the crust. It was a lighter colour (which was more correct) and it for some reason tasted better. OH. And, maybe the best part? The meringue didn't pull off, which I was completely tickled about. And I think I shouted it to everyone who was around. "LOOK! LOOK AT MY PIE! THE MERINGUE DIDN'T SHRINK." I just wanted some acknowledgment! Don't worry, I got it.

Now, I would love to give you this recipe. But it is locked away in a vault at my parents' house, known as The Recipe Book From Hell. Remember that book. It will come up again, I promise.

Wanna be friends? I'll bake you this pie. :)


  1. I want this pie. Rightthisverysecond. And you have to like me cause I'm related.

  2. I will vouch for everything Mari has written here today, including the nasty singing! The pies were wonderful, both of them, and we did get to eat them with a fork! If you have never had a butterscotch pie, it is definitely something that should go on your bucket list. It is worth every thousand calorie bite! M.