Thursday, January 26, 2012

Baby Shower Success!

I am currently hanging my head in shame.
I haven't posted in an entire week. I don't really have much of an excuse, other than I was away last weekend, and didn't bring my computer with me. I very easily could have used others that were around, but that's not really the point. It was a very busy, and very quick visit home. We went for a baby shower for my sister-in-law, and newest niece. By we, I mean, I got to ride in the van with my sister and her family, which was delightful, because then I didn't have to drive on the bad roads for six eight hours by myself.

We arrived at my parents' place, and had to get to work! A lot of stuff needed to be done, and I kind of neglected to take pictures. Except of the finished cupcakes.

See? Our colours for the shower were pink and lime green, hence the icing colours of the cupcakes. They actually went really well together! Anywho, ok, so, we didn't actually do much other than ice cupcakes the first night, because sitting in a vehicle for 8 hours is kind of tiring. Who'd a thunk it? And my dad actually did a bunch of stuff for us beforehand too. Handy dandy dude he is.

The next day we had to go to the grocery store, make a few more things, pick up the balloons, decorate, go back to search for more tablecloths because we apparently didn't buy enough the first time, set the food out, make the punch, and we just barely got it all done before our guests started arriving!

Once the guests of honour arrived, we got the party started! Food and punch for all, and then we played some games. A fun 20 questions game, a fill in the blank nursery rhyme game, and then a break for gift opening. My favourite game came afterwards. My sister and i melted and smooshed up some chocolate bars into diapers to make them look like poo. They were then passed around, and the girls had to guess what kind of chocolate bar it was. I really wish I took some photos of those, because they looked so gross. It was awesome. As a side note, if you're going to do one with mint, make sure you keep that separate, as any of the others around it will also smell like mint. It was pretty funny watching everyone sniff the poo chocolate bar diapers. Though it might have been even funnier watching the boys do it afterwards, when we made them play the game.

It was so great that everyone could come out and either meet the new baby, or see her again. She did wonderfully too! Let everyone pass her around, without getting fussy. I don't think I heard her fuss once, actually.

The cleanup was crappy. As usual. I should be called "Miss I-hate-cleaning-up-any-sort-of-mess". Luckily a lot of people helped, and my brother also came to help which was nice of him.

Then my sister and I walked back to my parents house. I carried all 20 balloons. I wish there was a picture of that too. I bet it was pretty funny looking. Until my brother swerved at us, and my mom started screaming "HELP" out the window. I screeched, and jumped. My sister snickered, like she knew it was going to happen. I quite enjoy my family. There is a lot of laughter when we're all together.

The next day I did some baking with my dad, and screwed up dessert. But I'll tell you about those soon.
Thanks for bearing with me and I'll start posting more regularly again, I promise!!

What's the best baby shower game you've ever played?

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  1. Best Baby shower ever!!! Szofia had so much fun!