Monday, February 6, 2012

Pepper and sauteed mushroom and onion pizza

So I made pizza!

I never used to make homemade pizza, but, uh. It's really easy. And, in my opinion, better than bought pizza. It's healthier, or, well, you can make it healthier if you want. I also think it tastes better!

BUT IT'S EASY. Seriously. And you can put absolutely anything you'd like on it! I decided to try a combination that is good together on other things, but I hadn't actually tried on a pizza before.

And, since I should be honest...I used to hate mushrooms. I would never eat them. Well, I would never eat them if I knew they were in something. The absolutely delicious spaghetti sauce my mom made growing up didn't have mushrooms in it, right? WRONG. When I asked if there were mushrooms in it, I got "No! Of course there isn't." And then I grew up. And learned that yes, in fact, there were mushrooms in that sauce, just food processed together with a bunch of other vegetables, so we would have no idea. Sneaky sneaky mom. (Smart though.)

I like mushrooms now though! If they are cooked. And especially if they are cooked with mushrooms. Sauteed actually, in butter. And I sauteed the bejeezus out of these mushrooms. No word of a lie, they were in a frying pan for over half an hour. They got all brown, and caramelized, and delicious. I added the onions near the end, because I didn't want them cooked as much as the mushrooms, but I wanted them soft and transparent.

I just threw the peppers on top, chopped up and raw. It worked out well.

I used a whole wheat crust, and I got the recipe from here.

The only difference was in technique, rather than ingredients, as I've mentioned with a different bread recipe. I let the yeast sit with the lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes first, and added that in to the rest of the ingredients. I also only let it rise for about half an hour. This happened for two reasons.
1) I'm impatient.
2) My dad once said something about letting pizza dough rise for shorter time than bread, and so I listened to him.

Mostly number 1 though.

I suggest you do this. Even if you just try the crust, because it's quite good. Try your own combination. But take it from me....this one is good.

Mmmm pizza.


  1. I want this! For lunch!

    1. I finally got this pizza! My husband made it for me with 1 small change. Instead of a pizza sauce, he made a white sauce using the liquid from the sauteed veggies, and used that as the pizza sauce. It was the absolute best pizza i have ever had!